PDC surpasses target now overseeing the decarbonization of $600bn Assets under Management

The Portfolio Decarbonization Coalition (PDC) is a multi-stakeholder initiative that will drive GHG emissions reductions on the ground by mobilizing a critical mass of institutional investors committed to gradually decarbonizing their portfolios.

From generating the information…

It needs to become common practice for investors to measure and periodically disclose their carbon exposure (or ‘footprint’), meaning the carbon intensity of their capital.
…to taking Action

Based on carbon-footprint information, a critical and growing mass of investors worldwide needs to start taking action to reduce the carbon-intensity of their investments and portfolios.
PDC and Disclosure
The PDC supports The PRI Montreal Pledge, which has reached more than $10 trillion in assets under management with over 120 investors committed to measure and publicly disclose the carbon footprint of their investment portfolios on an annual basis.
PDC’s decarbonization achievements
PDC now convenes 25 investors overseeing the decarbonization of $600bn in commitments out of $3.2 trillion in assets under management.

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